My Side Project

Author: Gabriella Tagliapietra   Date Posted:20 July 2019 

It's just short of two months since I buried my beautiful boy Max (refer previous post) and as I've worked through the grief I have tried to keep things moving forward... keeping busy certainly helps with that initial intense stage of loss, but the sadness lingers.

In other news...

As I said in a previous post, moving house offers up the opportunity to sort through things, streamline and get more organised and I've certainly been doing that over the past six months, but as I also said... I feel like I've been doing it for years. I guess it's an ongoing process, constant editing and refining. One of the ways I have been getting organised and up-to-date is with all my computer files... and drilling down further, with Pinch River designs. In having had time out from Pinch River, or more so having had it sitting on the back-burner it gave me time to really think about the direction I wanted it to go in, and I knew that most of the original designs would be culled to make way for new ones. While I have made a very small start on new designs I also knew I didn't just want to delete the old ones, so I have found a new platform for them under Gabriella Tagliapietra Design [Scroll to post dated 29 June 12:15 to read more and watch a little introductory video, and you can also see more images here]. Essentially, it's a platform for me to play around, experiment with colour, design, layout, styles and subject matter as this will be very different to Pinch River designs, where my ideas right now are for more earthy tones on natural coloured base cloths.

I'm still just in the midst of refining one of the big things in my daily life and I know once it's bedded down I will finally have that time I so crave. I can't wait for the day when I get the new Pinch River designs from concept to delivery but I know that's a while off yet while I work on what I have on hand to make room for the new. I tell you... patience must be the big lesson in my life I had to learn because things move so much slower than what I would like and life pulls me away from Pinch River more often than it doesn't but I also know without any doubt that I will get there in the end.