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The name Pinch River comes from a physical place - it is a perennial river of the Snowy River catchment and is located in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia. Having lived in the Snowy Mountains for a few years, I enjoyed spending time exploring the local area, including the Pinch River. The area is one of absolute natural and unspoilt beauty, the essence of Australia that inspires the designs. The products are ideal for the home, to give as gifts and as contemporary souvenirs.

Limited production off-the-shelf handmade products make up the current range and with the business constantly moving forward I am working on some plans that will bring some changes in the future.

The base cloth I choose will always be natural, organic and / or fair trade and printed with my designs, though from time to time there may be some other fabric used in the mix. My fabrics have been hand-printed using water-based solvent-free inks.

By stocking Pinch River products you are receiving them direct from the designer / maker giving you truly original products that are handmade with love in Australia. Pinch River is resolute about passing on that human touch and preserving the artisan approach that is still valued by many and swiftly gaining more popularity over mass-produced items. A commitment to high standards, ethical practises as well as the environment drives the way I work, using the most environmentally friendly approach and materials as possible to create quality products.

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Thank you for choosing Pinch River products and I look forward to hearing from you. For more information please contact me via email: pinchriver[at]gmail[dot]com