Pinch River is Australian style for everyday living.

The products are intended to promote a lifestyle that is aligned with the Slow Movement, whether it's creating a sanctuary at home to escape the hustle and bustle, or a place to gather with friends and family to share good food and conversation... whether it's going to yoga class, or putting on your apron to create, make, bake or garden.

Pinch River is for those who love to fill their homes with beautiful, timeless hand-made pieces that not only enhance their lives but the lives of all the people who have helped make the products possible. Designs and products that speak to people who care about their impact on this planet, for the people who are interested in and selective about what they bring into their lives and give as gifts.

Pinch River was created out of the desire to make products with integrity over trend, ensuring longevity. It was created out of the love of the maker’s mark that is unique to handmade products and represents the slow movement of craftsmanship and an artisan approach to making.

The textile designs are a fusion of my creativity, my unique style and love of natural environments. Inspired by nature I am fortunate to have an immense choice of subject matter to draw on from the native flora and fauna of the vast and diverse Australian landscape. Other design inspiration is drawn from my travels, urban landscapes and daily life. Captured through the lens of my camera or in my sketchbook, to date I have used Ilustrator to create the designs, however, as life itself is a journey, so too is my creative process and I am now looking to diversify the process and introduce new ways of translating my images and designs.