Welcome to Pinch River

Author: Gabriella Tagliapietra   Date Posted:4 August 2017 

A little introduction to Pinch River and the inspiration behind it.

The Pinch River is a perennial river of the Snowy River catchment and is located in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia. The area is one of absolute natural and unspoilt beauty, the essence of Australia that inspires the designs.

Hi, I'm Gaby, the person behind Pinch River. I'm first generation Australian to Italian parents and come from a very talented and creative family. I am so glad my parents chose to settle in Australia because I can't imagine living anywhere else - though I have travelled and found many places of beauty throughout the world. My love of textiles comes from my mother... the fabrics, buttons, bobbins, trims and braids in her sewing room seeped into my being from a very young age. I have been dabbling in applied arts since I can remember - a journey that led me to combine my love of surface pattern design, textiles, making and nature.

I love Australia. I love our unique flora and fauna. I love the colours of Australia and the light. As a family that has enjoyed the great outdoors from as early as I can remember my spirit ran free and this connection to the outdoors has stayed with me on life's journey - immersing myself in natural environments is essential, it is part of who I am.

My camera comes with me on my field trips and I share my photography on Flickr as well as on my 727m2 blog. There has also been a Pinch River blog on the go for a number of years, before this website - one I will probably keep going alongside this one as it has all the history, which is important to me.

Having lived in the Snowy Mountains some years ago, I enjoyed spending time exploring the local area, including the Pinch River. After living in the Australian Capital Territory for the past five years I have now moved to the Monaro region and am in love with the colours and the light here. I have been exploring the Canberra region for the past five years and there is so much more I have yet to explore. Ideas are brewing for new designs but for now I will slowly be adding products made from the printed fabrics of the current design library... so watch this space.