Welcome to slow

Author: Gabriella Tagliapietra   Date Posted:14 April 2019 

I love on life's journey when you bump into signposts that signal you're heading in the right direction. This happened to me recently when a work colleague / kindred spirit introduced me to the Slow Your Home podcast. I first listened to the most current episodes and have now gone back to the beginning to work my way through them all, but as soon as I listened to this I became very excited because I realised there are so many more people out there with the same ideals than I thought was possible. I felt heartened to have found like-minded people... and more importantly I am now comfortable with the knowledge I am not weird, I may be a sensitive person but this is because I am mindful and aware. [Those that know me may have seen posts I shared a couple of times on my personal Facebook profile about highly sensitive people... because I thought this was the best way of labelling myself given how hard I sometimes find it to navigate life in this fast-paced world. This is because I care so much, and I often thought 'too much', but now I know I am not alone in this and feel a thread running through all the things that connect us.]

Prior to finding the podcast I had refreshed this website - where it had been sitting in a state of incompleteness for longer than I care to admit - and in doing so I came to realise something about Pinch River... that it was intended for the slow movement. You will find this realisation woven through the words I have used throughout the site and more so in the products that are and will be listed.

Screen printing itself is a slow process, particularly when compared to mechanised versions or digital printing. Making is a slow process - planning, cutting and sewing... especially if there is hand stitching involved. It is a meditative and calming process that I absolutely love. Designing is a slow process, from concept through to finished design takes time and cannot be rushed. You can't switch creativity on... or off for that matter. It needs to be given the space to flow and I just haven't had that space, or more so I have chosed to direct my energy into working towards that space, and that in itself has been a very slow process... much slower than I would have wanted. But suddenly I'm ok with it, I'm ok with quite a few things that were tormenting me, particularly when I compared my progress to many other designers and makers that I hold in high esteem.

My creativity is always flowing, a constant stream of consciousness in my mind, wanting to break free and be expressed. This was my constant torment, at not being able to get to it, to always have it sitting on the back-burner but this is only in regard to Pinch River. I have actually expressed my creativity in many ways over the years - mainly through my garden and my home, and I am starting that journey over again here at my new home. Having only been here for 3 months I am still finding my rhythm and chipping away at putting my stamp on the interior before moving out into the garden - though really trying to work on them simultaneously to keep things moving.

I'm mindful of not writing big long blocks of text as I know I will lose you, so I will wrap up as this conversation has so many facets I will pick up these threads in upcoming posts.